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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Swimming with elephant “Rajan” – An Ocean Loving Elephant

Elephant love water however it’s unusual to see an elephant swimming in sea water. The elephant name is ‘Rajan’, a semi retired fifty six year old elephant.

The amazing natural adventure happened in the Andaman Island when ten elephants were taught to swim in sea water. They were mainly taught to carry logs between the islands. In 1970, only three elephants were alive in which two of them has been sent to forest area. The two elephant has forgotten swimming. Therefore, only one elephant has left namely RAJAN who knows to swimming.

Rajan eats 150 kgs vegetation a day. His owner was unable to feed him so he brought him to Havelock Island. Rajan showed his heroic strength by working in advertisement of a popular cold drink company. By the performance the elephant the owner of Barefoot of Havelock Jungle Resort has bought him. Now, for past eight years Rajan roamed the jungle of Havelock Island. The beach now is known as ‘Elephant Beach’.

The Andaman and Nicobar Island are the group of islands in the India Ocean and is the Union Territory of India. There are 572 islands in the territory, of which only approximately 38 are permanently inhabited. In the territory, the best place to visit Rajan is at Barefoot Resort, an eco hotel on Havelock Island. Andaman & Nicobar Islands are blessed with a unique tropical rainforest canopy, made of a mixed flora with elements from Indian, Myanmarese, Malaysian and endemic floral strains. 

Want to see Rajan on the elephant beach. Come to The territory and enjoy your holiday.

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